INBRACE Lingual Braces: Truly Invisible!

A Better Way to A Perfect Smile in Rockville Centre, NY

InBrace lingual braces are placed on the lingual, or “tongue side” of your teeth! For patients who may be self-conscious about the appearance of traditional braces, Dr. Doug is proud to offer INBRACE lingual braces as part of the treatment suite at Dr. Doug Orthodontics.

The INBRACE Difference

INBRACE combines the effectiveness of conventional braces with the aesthetic quality of traditional lingual braces and even better aesthetics than aligners! Based on Dr. Doug’s  3D digitally designed treatment plan, customized Smartwires are programmed to create the smile of each patient.  This guarantees highly individualized treatment which is unique to your needs. The wires are pre-bent by a robot with all the details of your smile pre-programmed, greatly reducing the need for monthly trips to the orthodontists for wire changes. GentleForce technology moves your teeth efficiently and often more comfortably than traditional braces.  This means less discomfort on your teeth, and a more efficient experience with less office visits.

Additionally, INBRACE has the smallest lingual braces available and the wires are looped, which makes them more comfortable than other lingual braces, and flossing is just as easy as if you didn’t have braces!

Look at the progress from one of our patients in just 2 months!

Getting Started With INBRACE is Easy

Schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Doug Orthodontics today. Dr. Doug will determine if you are a candidate for this revolutionary treatment application.